See the possibilities

Let me tell you something… You can make any house your home… Whether it needs a coat of paint ,whether it’s a new kitchen or simply some lighting… remember the opportunities are endless!! But there’s certain things that you are not able to change in a property –
# 1— you can’t change the location —so buy in the neighbourhood you want!
#2-It’s pretty hard to change the actual square footage
…..but if you have a home that is located exactly in the neighbourhood you want, has a workable floor plan – please stop ???? and take a look???? , take the time to get an expert in to help you see past the things that are pushing your buttons- there ARE options, and other can offer help us see them!


Call on a designer… or simply another person who’s done what you are possibly wanting to do sometimes simply having a second set of eyes or another opinion is so beneficial! If you love the location I cannot stress enough don’t give up on it because it has a blue carpet …. don’t give up on it because it has laminate countertops, or brass lighting- see the possibilities- MAKE IT YOURS – #dreamhouse …. let’s look at this listing!!!

#diy #contractor this amazing Reno inspiration has been
Crafted by the amazing desingers @jayha_21 & @sstaxx
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@ Strathmore, Alberta