I have always been a lover of small business – loving everything local ❤️❤️
and supporting like minded people- I am proud to be an absolute cheerleader have a passion and a sense of creativity and community-
So last nights Best in Business Awards made my heart full!

Hats off to years of timeless dedication and passion to Denise and Aleasha at Newsy Neighbor for another amazing event!
Hosted at the town of Strathmore Civic Centre Thank You so much for use of the beautiful facility –
It was perfect to host such an amazing celebration of boutique businesses!
Cheers to Strathmore & District Chamber of Commerce, Assist Business and Langdon Firehouse to an amazing #collaboration and #teamwork

As an ambassador for small business I can’t even I was put into words how it feels to see a room full of passionate business owners taking the time to cheers ????— Not only their own accomplishments but also their neighbours and even competitors —

I love seeing what different business owners bring to their staff, to their clients and customers as well as our overall communities & region —— most of all PRIDE—-

So if you weren’t there —-
I have a question for you… Why?
Whenever you can have an amazing group of passionate people in a room vested in your business YOU should be there…
AND When you have had people that take the time to nominate & then vote for your business take that opportunity to stand up and say THANK YOU! Thank you ????????

Go to the event- chat with people and shake hands….
You never knows who is looking for what you have!!

… Before the Internet,
Before online shopping, even Walmart was in Canada this was the only way I was able to connect and truly put my foot forward and let people, my clients and my community Know what I had to offer in my storefront-

It’s intimidating in this day and age for customers to enter a boutique
For the first time- welcome them in,
Be a part of your Community—

I think organizations such as service clubs , #chambersofcommerce are the pillars and foundations of longstanding business —— I urge you utilize these programs in your community —- reach out, network extend invitations, choose to host an event when put together something
Within your community GO——
it’s for you go & CELEBRATE your wins… Open another door and yes you never know who you might meet or where the next customer might come from cheers to everybodyWho is supporting and loving on a small business…

Congrats to all the winners! So well deserved!

And Thank you for Lelah Ahere #ucp who is running for running for #chestermere #langdon and truly has a voice and a passion for business and Alberta-

Thank you to the Chestermere Town Council-
And we know Strathmore Town Council was in chamber meeting ( we will try to plan better next time!!)
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@therepsgroup #remaxfirst
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