This cold weather❄️ has really got me thinking—scary I know

How much do you know about your community!?

I mean your whole community the town you live in an specifically the individual communities-?? I’ve been thinking lots about the fact that even though we live in what is considered a fairly small area, and region It’s pretty easy to get comfortable; and to take the same path to do the same things ….. am I right?!! So I am going to start with some community highlights my first community that I’m going to introduce or reintroduce you to is Hillview Estates in Strathmore.

This community makes winter look pretty great!

Share here or on my Facebook page your favourites if Hillview! Up next – Aspen ????
Did you know Hillview is full of paved pathways( that are plowed through the winter) dry-ponds perfect for sledding in the winter or a baseball game in the summer, skating rinks, 2 parks, a ball diamond, & a soccer field ~~all of this coupled with amazing access to Calgary via Oxbow rd or Country Hills & breathtaking Mountain views
If you haven’t take a stroll or a drive through lately I encourage you!!!