Blazin My Trail since 1998

I guess you could say I’m a serial entrepreneur… It’s hard to imagine that I actually have not worked a conventional job since I was 20 years old.I was a storefront owner
Part time Farmer’s wife…. and everything that comes with that role from bookkeeper->fence >fixer> truck driver > cattle sorter …. farmers wives you get me right?!!


I have been an active part of many MLMs ( which I loved all of them! )

Fun fact- I even was a secret shopper when we first moved to Strathmore… On a contract basis – I’m not sure if it was for … or to have an excuse to get out of the house with my little kids and have an excuse to shop  – either way I loved it!

I have and always will love the one on one interactions of business owners – you’ll always find me supporting local, spending time in my favourite coffee shops, and local restaurants and shops.

I love surrounding myself with like-minded people… That are ready to share their visions, their passions, and their goals, peaks and valleys!

So here is to the entrepreneurs… The movers and the shakers, the risk takers big and small
It’s a climb, it’s a journey- but it’s your trail- BLAZE it!- mark your territory and BE PROUD!!