Find a MORTGAGE BROKER you can work with… make sure you are clear about what your vision is and your goals. I always suggest a mortgage broker when you’re looking for investment properties because Mortgage Broker’s are specialists in knowing what banks offer the best products for what you’re looking for. After all you’re getting into this business to make money so you want to make sure that you have the best option for products
Your REALTOR can help you find somebody That will be a match for you and I will help you achieve your goals.

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Every stage of life calls for a different type or style of home… This is called “rightsizing”

No longer is there a need for too many people have the desire to stay in their home forever… As every stage of life does call for something different.  You may start out in a condo, a small home that you may eventually turn into a rental property… As couples get married raise families, have your kids leave this is often a time where families again look at right sizing for their needs… And also look at purchasing homes in the towns or cities and their kids go to University In. I can’t stress enough that there are homes that can take boxes for every stage of life!

Todays #thankfulthursday #clientupdate is from a couple who sold both of their starter homes to move into the next stage of life! NOTE they did this LAST year in a tough market!! This year is looking even better as the market is stabilizing!!  I love when I get to do. 

Check this out!! 

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Welcome to Strathmore

Are you looking for an increased quality of life? Right next to Calgary, Strathmore offers easy access to amenities and high quality of life. People in Strathmore love our small-town feeling – especially our brewery and shops! Spend 2 minutes a take peek at the video below:

The Key Story

How did four women get together? And how did they know they were going to be successful?

When you have people that are full of passion and grace who are real about what the struggles and stressors in all aspects of life are, especially Real Estate and family, then you can pretty much make anything happen.

These women are masters of prioritization, scheduling, goal setting, and task distribution.Together with their staff they work competitively while always maintaining the highest level of respect for each other creating a culture that truly allows ALL to flourish!

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Support Local

In light of the recent happenings in Canada’s Federal and Alberta’s Government I thought this would be a perfect time to re-introduce myself to all of my followers

First of all ~W•E•L•C•O•M•E~

Guess what! I love local- I love oil and gas, I love pipelines, I love the environment, I love industry, I love entrepreneurship & I love vision—

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Rainbow Falls

Hello #rainbowfalls #chestermere Rainbow falls is a community filled with such large walking path that goes along the canal through the playgrounds and many ponds. This community has such a family friendly atmosphere with lots of outdoor spaces to enjoy with family. There’s many schools with with great play ground facility, shopping within walking distance.