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{Strathmore} is perfectly located only 20 minutes Easy of the City limits—— I am not KIDDING only 50 km!
Let me tell you… It’s a community that captured my heart & became home over 13 years ago, it’s a community of pride, it’s a community of potential and it’s a community of heart, complete with all the amenities complete with small-town country environment & easy access to the city and country feels that is a perfect place to call home for anyone!
Go for a drive! The Sun is always behind you- being east of the city & located in the #1 commutability is amazing to all regions of the city!
Have you ever wondered what all Strathmore has to offer… Sometimes I think it might be quicker to tell you the things they don’t have – because they literally have everything!- ALL
The major amenities +++++
schools, recreation, shopping-&All major amenities plus some amazing features specific to Strathmore
•Strathmore has school of choice
Public School
Catholic School
•full service #hospital
•Emergency Room
•Walk-in -clinic
•Golf courses
•Public and school
• Paved Pathways
•Rec Center
•Ice Surfaces
•Field House
•Disc Golf
•Dog Park
•Farmers Market
•Services clubs such as the Lions, Rotary Kinsmen, Scout and Girl Guides
•Competitive Sports
Baseball, Hockey swim associations , Figure Skating plus many more
Strathmore is a perfect source for new business development, with an amazing economic development potential, coupled with their location. Easy access and the beautification revitalization happening in the downtown core is creating a buzz and potential for new business and a huge sense of community pride.
This brings us to the housing market- there is homes in every prices bracket- Strathmore is perfect weather you are looking for a starter or downsize home or an Estate home.
There is something is every price bracket and there is soooo much value in every home along with affordable taxes as well- Making Strathmore
suitable and economical to any individual or family moving to the community
Plus all the amazing community events- @ Town of Strathmore
Can you tell I LOVE WHERE I live- I could go on and on.
Christa Aleman Realtor
For more information please
Check the following websites
Town of Strathmore
County of Wheatland
Golden Hills School Div
Christ the Redeemer
Strathmore Now

Not every deal is smooth….

••\\••Not every deal is smooth….when they are you take the time to thank everyone involved and dole out the high 5’s & pop the bubbly because it is truly a rarity-

There are so many moving parts to a Real Estate transaction that anything could go wrong, resulting in lost time & money.

9/10 deals take much vision, results based planning and multiple negotiations – coupled with thinking outside of the box and masterful communication skills. It is so important for all parties to be in the know to get to the end goal which is the transfer of keys to excited buyers from the seller!!

Cheers to every buyer and seller- that has a successful transaction  – but know that who you chose to work with matters – choose an agent, a mortgage broker, a home inspector a lawyer that is willing to go the extra mile; That communicate the inns and outs of every part of the transaction – and remember –THERE is alway an solution!

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Christa Aleman Realtor

Your Deal- Your Way

See the possibilities

Let me tell you something… You can make any house your home… Whether it needs a coat of paint ,whether it’s a new kitchen or simply some lighting… remember the opportunities are endless!! But there’s certain things that you are not able to change in a property –
# 1— you can’t change the location —so buy in the neighbourhood you want!
#2-It’s pretty hard to change the actual square footage
…..but if you have a home that is located exactly in the neighbourhood you want, has a workable floor plan – please stop ???? and take a look???? , take the time to get an expert in to help you see past the things that are pushing your buttons- there ARE options, and other can offer help us see them!


Call on a designer… or simply another person who’s done what you are possibly wanting to do sometimes simply having a second set of eyes or another opinion is so beneficial! If you love the location I cannot stress enough don’t give up on it because it has a blue carpet …. don’t give up on it because it has laminate countertops, or brass lighting- see the possibilities- MAKE IT YOURS – #dreamhouse …. let’s look at this listing!!!

#diy #contractor this amazing Reno inspiration has been
Crafted by the amazing desingers @jayha_21 & @sstaxx
#makeahouseyourhome #yycre #strathmorerealtor
@ Strathmore, Alberta

I do! I really do!! And I know that move is one of the toughest decisions homeowners make- & unless you’re being forced to move due to a job relocation the thought of selling can be daunting & full fear & excitement leaving you overwhelmed. In fact these feelings can Cause some homeowners to stay put even if moving is a smart idea…

Lucky for you if you’re entertaining the thought of making a move you can call me anytime- this is one of my favourite things, remember looking is free, along with asking questions- take the time to decide what feels right…. and which home is the one! This is all part of the process. I will give you all the details and a Free comparative market analysis to give you comfort know where you sit in your current home & then guide you through the next steps, questions to ask your mortgage company, Costs involved Ect. The REPs successful marketing strategies get you the results you are looking for.

If you do decide to move I can make the process simple for you. 403324343
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